Social Network Operating System

Hi ,

Yesterday when i was thinking like this. If Web applications(like facebook, and other web 2.0)  are (install independent) , why dont we create a Operating system that is called as Socialious (Social OS) .
I was so excited that i came up with something cool idea, when i happened to google for info,
Well i dont know how google is venturing (Once again dissapointed that, its already thought by the others out there), but to me i believe this will be a great tool.

Here are few scribblings

  1. Operating system will support Open ID
  2. Once logged into the system it will auto login to the all websites subscribed. (please follow for inspiration )
  3. The OS will be Activity Centric, that when there is an activity in a particular web2.0 the informations brought into the user notice.
  4. The OS will run with lot of graphics keeping to match the 3D gaming experience.
  5. The user should use the OS as primary way of living/sharing/expressing/connecting/interacting for his emotional and Intellectual  needs.
  6. the OS will a Cross platform, and should be delivered in different flavors like Portable (USB), Basic (Just the social media), Productive (work/productive tool), School (learning) , Graduate. where each flavour will facilate its genric users in its respective way.
  7. The User access are all verifiable (for this a new system has to be designed)
  8. The new system requirement mentioned in point 7, the user will have to use fingerprint to validate his profile, and his date of birth will be verified with people data centers to confirm with the date of birth, and will enable the to go into the different boot modes of the OS.
  9. The different booting options are none other than the version/Profiles mentioned in the point 6.
  10. Like the Mobile phone user will create his/her bespoke profile settings, the OS will support its users needs.
  11. The OS i will also accomidate the Desktop/Notebook interfact to make calls, that is the user will use the Hardware that will enable to host the Users SIM cards. (So a notebook should be a mobile phone too)
  12. the OS is PC based Gaming friendly.
  13. all applications developed for the web 2.0 tools will also function completly with the OS.
  14. hm………………. and so we can write a lot of User stories.

So what do you think? please tell me your views and comments on this idea?
Take care

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  1. Chris Swan said:

    The conversation about this bounced around a fair bit between myself, JP Rangaswami and Kirk Wylie. I think Kirk’s recent posting at represents the most recent thinking on the topic.

    Kirk was right for picking me up that this idea isn’t really an OS (as in something that provides a set of services on top of hardware), but clearly there is a need being felt out there to break out of the site specific walled gardens and allow people to mash up (or ‘equalise’ in JP’s parlance) what they want – in the browser, or on their mobile device, or whatever.

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