F – it

This post reminded me of this Song:      ( This song is dedicated to all those who express the same).

Lyrics Translation: Click here

Making it even worse: see “The seventh continent” recently released “The Revolutionary Road”

I know it hurts, aches, Cries, Who cares any way, who should anyways, Remember that today you are still expressing emotions that is “YOURS”, there are many out there who are the same, are you in pain with them? (NO)……so

“Life is cursed, I am cursed, the pain and agony felt is for me, and me alone” The quicker you understand, you will try to collaborate with it.

I am inflicted with mamoth amount of pain, in the brief intervals i self inflict, however i know that, ” if im not happy, im wasting my time earth”. I want to die, but cant, as i have no gutts. so you are, so as all.

Feel the pain and live life anyway.


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