Graphical Journal

I once had a vision of creating a journal system, that is expected to be designed such a way that the user can draw reports about themselve, their habbits in the visual format.

My inspiration:

I applied for a job at sify, for that they gave me a sample horoscope to predict and the results will be validated against the respective persons life. working on this attempt, inspired me to create a graph, to show the user the good bad and worst part of life. i was so inspired i created  a graph of my life, my sister (only). when i showed this to my sir and submited, all appriciated and congratulated for the innovation i made.

last night i was talking a friend of mine, how i envisioned new age operating systems, new age communication systems, but tragicly like this link, he could cite the refrence to the movies and information that were already made/published.


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