Holocaust – How It Really IS?

Fucking Humans, These people all over, no room to breath, no room to live, no room to be me.

Fucking humans, The put me in Zoo, what the fuck are they thinking?

Fucking Humans, Who the fuck do they ever care about?

Fucking humans, One day some day, I will put the Men in the Zoo.

Fucking humans, Fucking Humans, I will be born as an animal and one among you.

You will then come to me, You will call me Salvation.

Fuck you , Mother Fucker! Sister Fucker! (Yes thats true, THINK!)

Watch my Zoo

Watch out for my Zoo(s)

* All content on this blog, post, are all hypothetical sayings, and from mentally disturbed person, however from the ruins of saninity i express my condalance to all the helpless, and any intepretation deviating is not the intnet of the author, the author strongly condemns racial, agressive, abuse, power, society. the author is strictly and only a misanthropic perspective but subject to an individuals or a group. the author is speaking against the humanity for which is long time lost in time or was never there. If this brings Disgrace it is not me to be questioned but yourself, as you the reader is the beholder.

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