Rape as you go

The other day I saw the video posted and all the googoo gaaga about the zoozoo, The dog is out, the new stuff is in, tomorow this is gone and something is in. Im always scared about the Marketing ppl, When see them i look like a fool, they call them selves as master Sales men/con men, Who knows that how they can make me buy this product.
When they show a smart campaign, they make you confused that they care about you and are doing something for you, but big Fucking NO.

Look at this Video: (referred by varna)
There is an Invisible Ghost binding all, Market and Marketers. Fucking Humans.

The Other day when i was talking to a Friend, He told In his company or for that matter in most of the IT Companies, the Design and Architecture of the Corporate IT world is empowered, employed and implemented by the westerns (Whites,English Men). The Coding of this is done by the Daily wage Labour called Developer, Who are the majority of the asians, this is what is Outsourced as the Trend.

In Marketing the Branding, USP, Product and most of the Crap looks very stright, and looks like a tool, Like a Knife, that which looks like they are Saving the people for the Demand and make a profit out of it. But this is what they want you to understand. But to me it is very evident that they are all butchering us. The people who Use the tool (Corporate/Government) is Butchering US, The tool is the Citizens themselves, We think that the company is doing a favour to help survive us and our family.

hm… Fucking Civilization. We are all in this Loop, We are all in this Trap.

> For one man who knew this, for one man who resisted this, I pay my homage to him, My sympathy for him. he is


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