The (My) Stroke of Insight

RE :

How do we learn?

Re-Cognise: Cognise means the ability to capture the information, and ability to re collector store in the mind is recognition.

How is information percived?

There are different sences working to capture the information. the human body has the following senses please read the detailed version here : some important information tags that are captured are: physical properties, chemical properties, shape, state of motion, color, temperature, biological properties, time, update of existing identified object, creating a new object, recollecting the existing new object, and so on…. all these components are the details extracted, processed and stroed by the human mind memory server, and has the ability to create, smulate, asimilate, and what not ……

Information Tier System:

When so much of information is avaiblable in the human memory wearhouse, there are different Life business objects that evolve, and they are all so complex that the tier system can not be a very liner format, but its contextual. each context is a kind of gravity defining component in the brain to segreate the order of the information available in the human brain. this is what the i believe is called as prioroties. when a person holding thoughts of a frequency that matches the other, it creates subconscious evolution within, like a concktail, when a person know what that cocktail name is, he is a lucky person, but when one doesnt he is on a search. how ever there are most majority of humans who broke their bones till there grave and keep searching for it.

It take wisdom to understand wisdom:

From the TED video cited, i wondered what is the same effect on a monkey brain? or something that is close to the human mind. or a human mind of different age. will all of them feel the same? would all of them ” interpret ” the same way, but i also have wicked plan popup at this point, why not use the lazer technology to create the same stroke that which she is gone through? then we all will be in the lala land, the nirvana world.

What the fuck is this lalaworld. she is a psychologiest, she is a so called rational. she is seeing so many people in and out her workplace, i have no idea how she bought this nirvana crap. or im a stupid fucked up guys here in a magnanmous denial of service.

We have live these many fucking years on earth, and there is already so much of data that has been captured and processed, it will take time to become decompile the human conditioned living, until unless these kind of physical interviene take place.

btw: the other day i was talking about mind and anatomy, this video is also an example, and follow all FMRI works by these geeks, then you know which part of the brain activates to wich cunt. have a good fuck.

yaa… back to the story.

now ‘

Primary objective of Human being:


Im sure if the primary objective was not one of these, we are already extinct by now. and the only reasons for why we are here is deffinetly one of them.(TH!NK – Fucking Trinity)

BTW: This video also made me th!nk,  hey “Baba by Rajnikanth? did he also had a stroke one like this, so that he could make his choice to return to earth? lol..

How do we define Identity?

How are we identified?

what make some thing indetifiable?

how do we teach others to Identify?

who did the humanity holded the identity of humanity and not retruned to animality?

like the big bang theory, some how from some mind did the thoughts started to interact to and hold memory that it could pass on…..and thus one day and some day it lead to the creation of a fucking human being ? fucking thought and its wisdom it gave?

how this identity was claimed by the different civilazations that human been through around the world?

Humans also act in these prime roles: Creator, Recognisor, Actor, Sustainer, Destructer, Purpose handler.

Salvation is a purpouse with which the human mind can relate to , If when choosen/claimed only.  A person can only claim or choose to only if asked by some one or know by the denail of the external environment.

btw: Who watches the watchman? Who Observes the observer?

salvation is a intepration or identification, or relations to set of thoughts, memories, stimulations experienced by the body.

btw: Soul -> each human cell has an intelligence, and the resultant of the intelegence (driving force /Survivng themed force) is Soul. the soul is layered or gradiant in nature. since soul is present when few to all functionality of the human body can manage to function fully or continue to breath. souls dont get reincarnated. soul are progrmmed, the code can ripped from th DNA memories (pls refer to the BBC or reaserch paper on this). Soul in a way can be said the major stock holder of the human body is Brain, which its supporting functionality is soul.

* this is a draft, this post can be written elaboratly.


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