D – Company

I like the Human body, for its level of Marvel perfection to every inch, today we shall see how to see the company from this perspective.

Deconstruct Body:

Divide every cells, and every cell has some objective, it has some functionality, and imagine the same human body which is separated scattered in the recognisable shape of the human body, and each cell is still continuing to perform as in a living human body.

Construct Body:

Now imagine that human body can be assembled, and is now your job to assemble. And thus was formed you.

Each Cell Counts:

Now imagine a flower, and plucking away each petal  looses it nature to identified as flower. And so is the Human body, which will loose its supreme functionally “I” .

Like every cell doenst know or have the intelligence to identify to the “I” however it does it job as designed and expected.

In a Company you as an employee also contribute to the company which I call it as an Entity. We are all small little fragments that run this machine called as Company, and the resultant of all these identity and objectives of surviving brings in behaviour and characteristics. Thus a Person is born or the Brand is manifested and evolving like a human being. Like old cells die and new cells are born, thus the people change but the company runs, however the right people working in this machine is very important.

Understand that we living independent environment, we need all, everything and everyone needs us. In life the eternal pattern/truth can also be capsulated as “Win-Win” and not “I Win – You Loose” .  Like how “I” is fighting his battle, so are the others “I”s too, hence please educate the “I” and Other “I” for a better Eco system, which will never be a reality though.

This human beings is driven by emotions, where as the machine run by rules and regulation. That is why the Corporate companies are always  a pain in ass, they hurt you. Humans are Fearful and insecure, They will bend, they are all soon going to be the proscpetive slaves of Machines.

I give this post to educate to not become better human, but better machines. This system can never be fixed, and the only way to fix is to get rid of the humans, and raise the machines, methods, then the Happiness is more happening in controlled fashion.

Hail Machines.

this is Article should be reviewed and re-edited.

>23.42 > By the way, to every human being, please see how you are contributing to the Humanity. ( I never understood, why i should follow ethichs, i never understood why should one contribute to the society, why should do service untill i realised this concept.)


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