Version control – CMS

When i started my Career in IT, ( Im a electronics and communication Graduate), I learnt about the version control. i fell in love with this concept, when i was relating to my bloging experience then i found that the blogs and the post lacked this sofisticated concept.

i often get tiered to search time after time for the new and most promising Anti virus of the month or quarter. I use a pirate one and the licence dies so quickly. but i get old posts only. i keep an eye on the forums, but in my experience i see that ” OMFG, the question has revisited once again” Its almost become a Spammers question.

Tiered and sick of this im desperatly need an implimentation of this feature.

For example: A article here what if the author finds some more addons? is he going to post as a seprate post? or the readers are supposed to miss this?

NO! fucking !

What about my own post, where i would like to make it available the old version and the new version too?


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