Farming in India

To understandlook at the IT sector in India as against the agriculural sector. Relative to other sectors, capital is abundant in the IT sector, labour on the other hand is scarce. The marginal productivity of labour is therefore high and hence highly paid too. This example holds for all sectors of the economy.
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I think the IT corporate people should bring there expertises to the Farming industry, for that matter the Governement.
the governement should get revamped, to the existing business standards. I belive that Goverment is also a company, which provides its citizens or employess certain securities and services.
If the IT for example or for that matter any sucessful company that i making high revenue are having business models that more contributing at the same time resource sharing.
The government should embrace the Privatistion and belive in the versionising the Consititution or its business methodologies which are more agile and productive.
In this context i wonde how and why certain nations are prosperous and able to sustain to be prospourous.
i wonder this problem that we are discusing is in other nations, and how they are coping, or if this problem is appplicable at all to them, if it doesnt applicable, why it is not? if it is, how do they deal with them?

when it comes pay of a farmer, i can only relate to one thing that my parents used to scold, “If you dont study, do you want to plough the land?” ” If dont go to school and get academics, you will have end up in Farming” even now when i say that if i dont know anything i can atleast do farming.

Is farming so undermine? am i alone or many other people like me think like this? supporting to this emotional i once was very happy when rice rates in UK shooted twice the existing price, and my roomates were pissed off, but i completely accepted, i dont farming, and many ppl dont do, the farmers kids are taught not to struggle like them, they have to live abroad, and so the faming business share holders are sabotaged by the farmers themselves. so i better accept the consequences, im prepared to eat synthatic food too, or what ever these people come up with.  😀

I think, it still not the time to discuss about the problem, as this is a side effect due to lack to understanding about the industry itself. if the farmer, government and the prospectus graduates should be well educated about the productivity in this industry.

few Draft thoughts: #
who would project management help the farmers.
How agile are the rules and regulations in the industry existing?
We have to review on timely period.
how the regulatory board operating?
how is the education and awareness in this industry?
how abroad, other domain/nation are having business models.
how can we amalgamate all and create a new structure.
how well the people in the industry are geting educated and updated with the happenings.
How can internet and other dynamic technologies help aid the growth of the industry.

IT  industry, who expertises themselves as solution providers to any problem, should step into this industry.

Edited 2: Tescos, Sainsburyes, fare trade, supermaket demands also have to be thought, (I forgot to consider them) however it might not be relavent, as i want to adress the attitudute and awarness in this industry. this is no poor mans or uneducated business anymore.

Addition 3:but to be honest,

to that problem,
i will say, dont make any imporvisations
Kill all farmers,
suffacate, all the ppl put theer
bring the chos,
5:11 PM then ppl awake.
take 2: kill the planet, Kill all beings,
these ppl, their acts can never be fixed,
kill evolution, its all rubish
its only filth and pain, and deviation from it is called as happines, which makes no sense
5:12 PM > personaly i cant relate to any of these at all
> Misanthropic take 😉
  1. Vijay K said:

    Rice prices increased because of Govt stop import, benefits to traders not to farmers. Yes you are right IT can help in Farming and give better solutions.
    Like Fare trade policies can be introduced. Middle business men are getting double or triple times more profit than farmers. How Govt going to solve this issue. Agriculture department was not showing any profit methods to farmers before. But now slowly changing like single sapling planting.
    MNC and pesticides dealers spoiling Agriculture and farmers life in various ways. Doctor only prescribe medicine to peoples, Engineers only able to do construction or programming but in Agriculture there is no value for education and Agri universities are not coping with present Agriculture.
    Politicians are just talking; they do something which attracts votes.
    Very simple way to make everybody turn to them STOPS FARMING FOR 1 YEAR.

  2. Gosay said:

    Thats a great Idea! We should start this Andolan, Vyavsay Andolan! .

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