Successor of God(s)

Today i was quite fortunate to see these video.

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When i saw the first video, i was wondering is he talking anything sence? is trying to tell that we did be better humans or not? are we really supposed to be happybeing  humans or what other being that we might turn into? I today felt that Dam if God was there for true, I hope let he be him, and we be the mortals.

the second video was like a slap straight to the face, now if this is the rate at which the human evolution is unpresidently evolving, i am very certain that the wealthy once will be the one who will have the opportunity to be the humans who can use the serivces of the robots or the AI. (Stephen Spilberg is a God in this context to me, to visually beautifully serve the AI movie long time ago, and i today my fear come appear true.)

I knew that the humans, fight to understand, will only make them Gods. (Aham brahmasmi – I am the GOD) which is what they are going to do now onwards. Its not too far to find the wearbouts of the GOD, He will be busted soon.

I always knew stronlgy that, the humans can never be happy with a mind, that is flawed. the rules that are not in controled, because the efficiency is not achieved hence, they will move more towards the machines which are more relaiable and predictable, that means they are more efficient. like the bulb in your hall, will switch exactly when you say so, and switch off when you say so.

Soon they will rather choose the companioin of the Robots than a human, i see the future where the men will have the best robot to fulfill all his needs. and vice-versa.

I problem of aging and to depened or to be looked after is no longer an issue at all. if you are wealthy you will buy new organs from the organ superstore. otherwise, you will die in the hands of robot, which will look after you faithfully and lovingly.

the humans will get trained to the machines that, their emotions, judgments and lifestyle will only lead to not to trust thier fellow humans.

i wonder if all is perfect, whats next? what is meaning of the word meaning then?

I think we start to live or have homes on different planets, sorry the robots.

– Alien.

We are truly the sccessor of GOD, and i wonder if we all GODS, what if he was then one like us Now? …..

Stupid planet!


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