J(M)ust be (Yo_u)r[self]

I stumbled upon: X I didnt read it, but i guessed what i might expect from the scan of the post. i felt like writing before i miss my points…..

you, you alone can live all your life  and only your life, you alone can feel it and go through what you put yourself to. No one else other than you including your creators can have the access to participate in your experiences of happenings. you are know living this life and the past and future Life(s) is hypothetical. You are not animal for because you have a Brain that is different from them, It thinks and makes wisdom out of it, and the ability to claim the Identity and talk and screw its balls of to be happier in a better complex and chaotic domain. the mind and all the happenings including the nature that it host you, have one thing in common, Law of Duality and more than anything else Humans are the most vulnarable to it, as it Hurts when it comes to Pain, and its a please when you come out of it. Hence it would always be foolish to talk pleasure without feeling the presence of pain, or not understanding that pain is not of pleasure and vice-versa. Evolution, happens when there is imperfection. As per natures law, everything return to the state of equilibrium, except the mind and its chatter.  If you dont understand this, and dont accept the imperfection to evolve, you can never make firm push on the ground to fly high. Imperfection is an preceding point in the journey of attaining equilibrium, the further point is goal, dreams, hopes. having said about the imperfections, if you act as someone else, it doesnt really matter, you are that, now that competes you, hence you do it, that works for you, thats all it matters, this ability to make it work at all times is also a matter, as you or any human beings is a great aspirer of being happy for ever or long not enough. having said that, if you fail too… it doesnt even matters…… all that matters is, you are alive, and you are called as……………… . and you know that you are …………….. . touch your skin, touch your cheek, see your self in the mirror, now kiss you.
Love you..
You have always been …




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