Gosay Theory of Homo sapiens Architecture – 2

Today i was searching for supporting article of my previous nights conversation(“Human Vision,Perseverence, Frames/Sec”)  with my friend. In reference to it, i was wondering, what a huge amount of the Data as the brain actually generating the reality.

Its So fuckign Rich in Quality and consistence.

How Computer works

We human must have the same architecture.

The Human Body also equipped and can be mapped as per the above diagram. All the Data inputs are Human Sesory Organs. And the Memory Hard Disk Drive is the memory storage. Processor is a Kind of Progrmmed Processor (Virtually) to Create, Edit, Update, Delete Memeories.

To process the all the Data inputs, there must be a RAM or a Working memory that i constantly storing, facilitating, Flushing the Data.

I am Wondering, What kind of a Machine is it , If i always went gogo gaga onwith my Laptop, what about this body?

what Volume of data is this machine processsing?

Fucking stupid machine.


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