Google PI(e)

What if this is True?


I gave up before I pinpointed
it, but my guess is that…

certain problems cause computers
to get stuck in a loop.

The loop leads to meltdown,
but just before they crash

they become aware
of their own structure.

The computer has a sense
of its own silicon nature

and it prints out
its ingredients.

The computer becomes conscious?

In… In… some ways…
I guess.

Studying the pattern
made Euclid conscious of itself.

It died spitting out the number.
Consciousness is the number?

No, Max. It’s only a nasty bug.

What if Assuming that its not a Bug.

What if the Loop or the Amount of knowledge is avaible there?

We dont know what peripheral to design to bring the output?

what if its not a printer? what if its not a Allosphere? what device should we come up with?

Is there a way to create a system that has conciousness?

Am i refering to the AI? Machine world? Eagel eyes movie Reference?

What if the Google can have/has a conscious of its own?


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