Mather Chot

To the reader, to the listner.
I ask you, do you have a problem?
Do you have a serious problem?
have you ever been in a serious problem, that hurted you so badly? if you going it through now, then do you feel the pain?

It hurts isnt it?

> Contemplate, what exactly it hurts?
> who is hurting whom?
> Think, WHat is Hurt, How to hurt other, how do you feel it?

We are born, we die, We have a body that has responses. the body needs the survival suplaments, food, water, air, shelter, fire.

Where is the hurt born?
where is it living?

What i want, what i need?

Look at your body, feel it for a moment, take to speak to it.
Ask it, are standing on the thorns to hurt you?
are you starving?
are you amituated?
what is hurting you?
how can i help you ease this pain?



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