Questions and Answers

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In my understanding, this is the Future. people feel connected using the social network medias, So concepts that are related “Contectivity” “Data connectivity” “Not dead words, but dynamic & interacting notdata but information” are all next happening trends.

Soon all technologies, companies will merge to leading brands.

Wikianswers does the same job, and there are many many more sites i could think of stumbling upon.

These are points that i will ponder upon question answers theme portal.

1.  ex: which is best antivirus, there are many classic questions like this, these have to version controlled, or version controll should be availble as a core concept itself.
> there must be admin, to moderate the questions,
> there must be a simple answer selecting method like (yahoo).

2. Having said about the version controlling, The questions asking should be structured in a very uniques fashion.
> Visually domianant. – User doesnt type the question but clicks on the Lables/SubLabels to navigate to the exact question.
> Restructuring of the Entire Question should take place.
> User might not choose to search for the question but when attempted to ask, should be educated with the questions.
> Additional information or Related informationg about that question ( 1. Google search for :  the Wonderwheel Results: Hence there must be a system that the user keep reading other questions.
> Reditt – featured Appriciation and reject, with out any Registration, but IP address moderated.
> we need more demographics on the Site like Wakoopa who claim, they know softwares.
> Ranking Sytem should be there.
> Facebook application integration should be there.
> > questions posted in the Facebook, can also concruently posted in the coob,
>> simmilar integration should be available with the Twitter.
> linking to Screencast answering mode, Podcast Answering mode, Wikis, Embed should be possible.
> people should be able to create any HOWTO? WHERETO?
> All questions have to Timelined.
> The Deafault search should be like getsatisfaction + radio button interfaced with timeline feature, visual question, type question and so on.
> Getsatisfaction related comany clients intergration should be avaible.
> > clients should be Ripp the Manuals, and help the Site to lay/find Visual paths to their existing User suport Manuals that can be helpful to the users.

These are few thoughts that i could gather at the moment.



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