This is my July!

this house is a haunting place
each people are so different
every one is so absorbed into there own world
every one is numb to other
i see that people are waiting for some news
something new event to take place
however there is no anxiety,
blank faces, pale smiles
people are living a open prison
people are not living among the happy people

nothing makes sense
none makes sense
i lost the meaning of what is sensible
im lost in translation of the sanity
the pursuits are not having emotions
if there is no emotions what am i supposed to do here

i am hearing to some song,
seeing a different video,
sister talking over the phone,
look all so far away, yet so near, and all so different
i see my hand feeling less blood flow
i feel the numbness in the fingers
i feel that these fingers are enslaved to the ghost whispers in my mind
they are possesed, i feel it odd, what the fuck is wrong with this fingers

i wish, i die in this sleep.
never born again.


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