Where is my heart?

today, 20 july 2009, 00.14am. i am lying down in my bed, was lost in some thoughts, but stopped at this one.
Hey, where is my heart?
Heart is all about what is classified as Feeling. Thoguht, memory information is mere data storage, but if they dont create an emotion, or there is no relation or mapping to trigger an emotion, then its then tagged as mind.

Mind is full of data, data related fact, facts of data, data to make facts, facts to make facts, facts to make data.
people always says dont trust it because, hapinnes or joy or pleasure doesnt origin from the mind, but from the roots of the heat, hence always follow your heart.
Understand the difference between the News and Heart, you can feel my pain because i was a news, and every news has its own life expectancy defined by you, but when compared to the emotional life expectancy is deffinetly less.
I asked you help, i wish you and only you can help, i wish help that was asked once will have its imapct of you doing all of it, as if its for yours, but it didnt, as life expectancy of this request is lapsed.
Today i found my heart.
today i know where is my mind.


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