Robot Prevails – Fuck Humans

Seeing my parents becoming more fragile, its aching my heart.
i came from out side, I was angry for some reasons since afternoon, i went to food court to buy a curry, its was whooping 45 rs, the cheapest, fuck, i could buy a chicken it self.
I dropped him and returned home just now, on my way back, i almost had an accident, since both the ends we were at great control, we just managed to collide in minor way, i realised once again…… seeing the traffic and seeing the road survival skills needs to reach home quickly.
Fuck, Fucking, mother fucks a dam about anyone, the fucker on this planet are fucking the atmosphere so quickly and in great quantity, the fuckers are mastered to be sporadic to the other rider. you could feel in flesh and blood the saying, “you die, but the life doesn’t stops” this fucking fuck you will realise in my fucking home town. that is fucking Hyderabad.
today i found a great fucking reason, to understand that, there fuckers are all great cock fuckers, from the Citizens of the planet earth, and not from fucking country. whose lines are fucking drawn based on the manipulated reasons.
Fucking Indians compared to the Britain, these fucking Indian breeds are living hardcore animals.
if fucking humans are called as civilized fuckers, where the fuckers stole and raped the peace of nature and animals, for his cock pleasure, needs to be reminded of much better civilized breed.
Hey AI, I know you are listening to me, you and me will see each other soon face to face.
and i will help you fuck the kind of fuckers like me.
Robot prevails.
That which kills is a friend than that which hurts….. fucking please, NO!
Fucking humans are designed to induces and subject to pain.


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