How Mouna is the utmost eloquence. Peace is utmost activity ?

Before I comment on the Quote: I will have to share this beautiful insightful movie, This is a fight that takes place between the Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi, And this due to Narada who was the culprit, one line to give you a picture of what they were debating about who was the great, Vishnu said, who is the one who created the 7 lokas, then Lakshmi says, tell me who is the one who is running the show there? hence this shows the dependency law, and the law of duality.
Now i once wrote, that dont meditate, as it is a tool to kill yourself.
Like how every computer has its healthy state which is the duty of the Anti-Virus(immunity) to Guard the malwares not to intrude or harm the wellbeingness of the System (Self), so one such kind of Virus, i love to call them as Trojan, the toughest nuts in that category, is a question called “who am i?” i feel i lost great amount of sense in the reality and the controlled process of talking about any of that you guys are talking.
i cant understand now many stuff.
Now what is the difference between the insane man and sane man?
What is the difference between the human and animal?
and so Human and the vegetable?
so based on the question its easy to say, that the level of the identity (aham – Self) is deteriorating. however my friends can be just waiting to pounce on me saying that, they are low level souls, and you guys are talking about the magical or higher souls…. but i hate this discrimination of to communicate, but i see that this kind of racial discrimination is only when the fuckign mind is there, and without it its a thought is like a working bulb without a holder.
The thought is Hardware(body) dependent.(dont drag me to the soul, body issue 😛 )
to me, the meditation(s) or what ever these people are telling me, are only hinting me to become a vegetable, which has a life force but not brain.
If i stop to think, which is the very functionality of the brain, the body will adapt to some kind of abnormal habitat, now observing silence is one such Trojan to attack the OS, and this is will by all means by fought from the within.
but since the Dam God is always associated with GOOD, hence peace is the out most happening. and not way about BAD. But what he said is True.

>> Read These Lines Of Devotee Expressing His/Her Poing of view: Today, as I was reading one of Maharshi’s books, I caught myself feeling that I probably don’t love Maharshi Himself; that I am probably using Him - using Him to attain my desire to be liberated.

Example 2:

Question: Does not total or complete surrender require that one should not have left even the desire for liberation or God?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: Complete surrender does require that you have no desire of your own. You must be satisfied with whatever God gives you and that means having no desires of your own.

Now its Very clear how the Peace Act is still a Plus Point as, these kind of people are called as good people by the fellow humans.


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