Surrender – Ramana & Krishna POV

The following is from the talk given by Sri V. S. Ramanan, President of Sri Ramanasramam, in New York City at the September 8th, 2002 “Advent at Arunachala” program.

The whole life of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi is a commentary on saranagati (surrender). When he left Madurai for good, he took just the train fare to Tiruvannamalai, threw away the packets of sweets given to him by Muthukrishna Bhagavathara’s wife and was not anxious for the morrow. He tore off from his dhoti only a strip for a kaupina (loin cloth) and he did not even think of using the remaining cloth as a towel. This is total surrender.

>> The Very best teachers for this is Animals and plants, which I would sum to the Nature. The nature is taken care of, We are born naked and we die naked, the rest is all dust on this body, hence I REJECT all of it, I choose to continue to be as bare, NAKED.

Surrender is a practical proposition. It releases the devotee from life’s dilemma. Wherever Sri Krishna teaches about saranagati in the Bhagavad Gita he refers to ananya bhakti, where the instrument and the goal are one and the same. The same idea is stated by Sri Bhagavan in the fifth verse of “Arunachala Pancharatnam”:

One who surrenders his heart wholly to you,

>> One who stops exerting force with a desire to live, with all the matter added over on the flesh, has to be stopped at first. Then and then only he will understand where he is, or what he is (Law of relativity). That means the preparation to understand the question even better.

one who sees you in every aspect of creation,

>> How ever what one yealids from his pursuits, but one should see all as one, with dignity, love, respect, which are an epitome of God, or atleast goodness at its basics.

one who loves every creation as himself

>> well if a person to love others, means he can feel the pain of any persons pain, that means he must first love his self, and due course must understand that he or his thoughts are not quite different from the others, hence if he deserves liberation, so do all need, however if they know that they need this as a solution or not, even though they don’t have the understandings to commit to be liberated, as I was one resisted or distant to this moment of realisation, I bow down with respect to the fellow humans, who will soon find their way out.

he is the one who will succeed,

>> Will  he? Will he know at all? I wish, anyways…. I don’t know….

O Arunachala!

he will get immersed in you!

>> Oh, He will become a zero or an infinity, which anyways is nothing.

Here Sri Bhagavan stresses ananya bhakti and self-surrender.

It is interesting to note that Sri Krishna says, “Do not grieve.” After surrendering yourself totally to God, you should not even worry about your own shortcomings or flaws. For if you think you have to improve yourself after surrender, then it indicates a residual ego in you. Hence, don’t grieve about your flaws after surrender. It only shows your surrender is incomplete. Bhagavan says after getting into a train, nobody carries the luggage on his head. He keeps it on the luggage-rack. Likewise, after surrendering, do not continue to carry your mental luggage. Leave it totally to His care.

After surrender you should not have 1) worries, 2) fear, 3) doubt, 4) sorrow, 5) the inclination to test whether surrender is effective or not and 6) aberrations (conflicts).

>> Well Surrender is to Stop thinking, that means, there should not be any purpose driven, that means there is no desire, there is nothing to achieve there is nothing to lose, there is no reason anymore to be happy, hence no reason to be sorrow for, there is no conflicts, hence there is no point to making a connection. By REJECTing or practicing all of these to imprint the identity, or to Identity Override is done in every possible situation, then thus person is called as Saints, but for me, They are now completely fucked up.


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