Gosay Theory: Necessity is the mother of invention

Gosay theory of - mother of all inventions

Necessity/Need is the mother of all inventions.

How different is Desire from Need? When the scriptures point how much inferior people we are, as Mortals, and what the right state of living such as “nityaananda” or whatever, then how degrading and insulting it is? People are so passionate towards themselves, and meditating and performing rituals, and what not, however i have known about very few people who quit out of disgrace, I wish i tear apart myself in all possible dimensions to terminate this dangerous, mystical or indefinable NULL, or “I”. No worries, lets come back to the point. If the scriptures says that don’t desire, but act, is a fundamental flaw in its structure of being a human, as Need Leeds to inventions, and invention is an act, and acting without a desire is impossible, unless someone is driven, and let to be driven. so im guessing that these people are telling us to flow, but i ask, flow fucking where? trust the chaos theory, how it will take you to different places that you have not imagined (controlled manifestation of where to be, when you let go this, you are anywhere), humans are fucking great at adopting and adapting skills, and so with a combination of letting go, and adopting and adapting skills, i don’t wonder human will not die, but will still survive, he might get accustomed to live a beggar or a sadhu life, by just letting go all of it, he so much overwhelmed in his contemplations, he will tune his reality, however it’s not an easy task though. whatever it is, stop all these abuse on humans in the name of god. Need – desire – quest – an emotion to learn (adopt) – adapt and emotion to make you feel to use. Moral of he story: the core trinity, Brahma/Saraswathi (who ever fucker doesn’t respects women is a fucker and vice versa) – Need vishnu/Lakshmi – Adopt ,Shiva/Parvathi – Adapt.

I have illustrated the diagram, hope you could understand. Time is an independent, and all the trinity need this component. as any humans to be alive, and thus to relate to the reality thus produced should be a time dependent object only. I is primarily born out of the first iteration of need, adopt, and adapt, however i have shown as a sequential, but it is not like that, i have given an another flaw diagrammatic representation to take one step above the before, it’s like need is a subset of Adopt, or Need is a subset of Adapt, Need progress or stays integrated in both of them, need and adopt must be intact, for the Adapt to manifest, hence need and adopt now become the subset of Adapt. However explanation given using subsets, they are even more intricately fused and worked, If you understand the difference between the gradient and full blown colour, then i am referring to three different colours blended in multiple variations. For additional information i have also illustrated a layer 1, level of inner world, or micro world, how within Brahma/Saraswathi, lies an another world of Trinity, and so on with the other trinity. the evolution concept can be applied to the growth of a human body in the womb, the adopt grows to adopt, and then now need and adopt are well grown and are unite and cannot be differentiated, and the next phase of growth is adapt. this can from here be deviated to law of manifestations. unit cell of intelligence when iterated for a period of time, it becomes a pattern, and pattern repetition becomes a lifestyle and so on… hey, if we were to achieve salvation, we must be targeting the unit cell of intelligence, visualise this as a dna. so i have no idea how to overwrite the code without physical intervention.

29 – June – 2010:  Take 2



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