Liberation from (i)

Only the annihilation of ‘I’ is Liberation. But it can be
gained only by keeping the ‘I’-‘I’ always in view. So the need
for the investigation of the ‘I’-thought. (Talks, 139).

Only the annihilation of ‘I’ is Liberation. >> when the identity is lost, i think even god is lost, so what the fuck does it at all matters if i am liberated or not, just because the state is not definable, or unknown it can be claimed as liberation or salvation.

anyways… the core reason that prompted me to write this post was to share about the revelation about this question….

How the fuck can you seperate I and Self-Awarness, I and Intelligence that is in “your” “you” in “i” brain that very itself is procesing your fucking journey to Salvation and the knowledge which requires you to be “i”.

wait, i have a theory of error happening, i mean the happening of human on this planet.

take a loaf of bread, sprinkle water on it. place it in a closed box for a week, open it, there is a life force on it, a Bacteria…. none another than us, there was some else quite simmilar to this error happened, but we are growing on this bread…. spreading, consuming every idenity of the bread, and eminate rotten foul smell around, however we are all so worried about our survival…………….. ah… here comes “i” survive(ing)….. this is what these people are talking about,
hey guys we are fucking virus, lets not rott the bread to hell, we are unwanted filty fucking fuckers who are an error, and the only way to pack the bags off is by MEDITATING… so that you Kill yourself, i mean i will put it this way.

Like in gajini, he was fortunate that he remembers his identity and his revenge, what if i snatch that part of this gajini? then you are a fuckign a vegitable lunatic.

This is what i am talking about.

Happy killing.


i was talking about the sepearation of i with what ever. here is the contradiction from the same source.

Soul, mind and ego are words. There are no real entities
of the kind. Consciousness is the only truth. (Talks, 245).

Ok the gajini stuff i was talking about here is the orchestral version of it from the source:

Just on waking from sleep and before becoming aware of
the world there is that pure ‘I’—‘I’. Hold it without sleeping or
without allowing thoughts to possess you. If that is held firm it
does not matter even though the world is seen. The seer remains
unaffected by the phenomena. (Talks, 196).

Oh….. happy bacterians out there……. i hope you are all listeing to this 😛

Your duty is to be; and not to be this or that. ‘I AM THAT
I AM’ sums up the whole truth. The method is, summed up in
‘BE STILL’. What does stillness mean? It means ‘destroy
yourself ’. Because any form or shape is the cause of trouble.
Give up the notion ‘I am so and so’. (Talks, 363).

once again happy killing….. the only life you have …. keep buzy killing  it well enough, but remember whether you use these tools or not, you are going to die anyway. and remember that great saying, “you can kill a person, or a dozens of them, but you cant kill a thought, it is bullet proof and death proof”.
( in the death proof context it is infinite, in definition of the “i” which we claim is limited ). you think you are born and die, and is born for the repercussion of the previous birth, i am sorry, i dont buy this crap, the thought is infecting, like a plauge, a pandemic, it spreads to all no matter you are a fucking president too, hence thoughts are like this, body remain the same, the natures of these bodies are governed by the social and global or cumulative consciousness of the humanity. which can not be killed.

Hey i guess, these holy troops are buzy marching to get the machine down. 😀 lol now Matrix climax makes a lot of sense, and neo’s conversation on a sleepless night, he says something like this, we created machines for our safety, and now we fight against them using the same machines…. how weird. so…humans are killing the human machine…. well done…. this is what i want.

Ok now back to separation stuff…….. Read…………

‘I am that I am’, ‘I am’ is God… not thinking, ‘I am God’.
Realize ‘I am’ and do not think ‘I am’. ‘Know I am God’… it is
said, and not ‘Think I am God’. (Talks, 354).

Now get back to basic English.
what did you understand by ” am dog” answer: nothing, now what did you understand by ” I am dog” I know that the sentence makes sentence. anyways the good part is “am god” is realization, and realization without the help of “i” i have no idea, and i hope you are pretty good at understanding and dealing with it.

let me stop it here…. i havent got enough patience left to continue on this.


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