What is Success ???

suc·cess  (sk-ss)
1. The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted: attributed their success in business to hard work.
a. The gaining of fame or prosperity: an artist spoiled by success.
b. The extent of such gain.
3. One that is successful: The plan was a success.
4. Obsolete A result or an outcome.
[Latin successus, from past participle of succdere, to succeed; see succeed.]

Life predominantly speaks the boolean langugage.
in or out
live or die
male or female
on and off
one or zero
positive or negative
success or failure
start or end
void or fill

Yes or No
on and on and on and on…….

Life is an Act, an Act has Actors, story, stage,……
We enact, each frame of this act is an action performed by the actor.
An actor performs an action or a series of action to completion a task.
Task achieved, is flagged as Task complete that is none other than successed.
now how one want to romatasise with word called “Successeded” is upto the judge(self or other).

Q: success is attainment of  wealth, position, honors, or the like, is that success??
YES: it is, Relativity is another important factor, for creation of an identity of the self and by that it is also defining others.
now comparing to what others dont have vs what you have, if you have an emotional reason to claim that it is an acomplishment….. Well so be it. arguably son inheret the father riches, this might not sound as accomplishement, but i ask you all who are waiting to pounce on me…. what is patriotism? what is it that you feel like claiming this pride, for which your contribution has been nill….?
SO inheritance is what a “normal” person says that it is ……Successs 🙂

My Friend: Quality of life is can be achieved with the riches.
I will always stick to this…..liner. if a person know how to play with saraswathi in the left and lakshmi in the right…. the doors of manifestation is always wide open. i can buy love for me… i dont know about others.
Q: what is True Success?
Ans: Their is nothing at all called “True” success, but only success.

“yavadi picchi vadiki anandham” (Once lunacy is his own bliss)
This is a nature law, this line remindes of a post i long wrote/wallpaper i made, on legend if i am right, but its ok i will repeat it here:
Gandhi did what he did just becuase he loved what he did.
Teresa did what she did just because she loved what she did.
but the world has entertainers who are doing their work “entertaining” …..to who? to the people like me and you….
So like the beauty is in the beholder, their work has lot of senstiments that people can relate to it. its a coincidence that thier work is touched to many people, for them they need that momenutm of dynamics in their lunacy/passion/action…. they choose it, and some choose to HAIL them…. to an extent they are called as Legends.
I remember of a news sniplets that is currently the buzz.
Should Sachin be given bharath rathna.. i say YES and NO. 😀
NO: he plays for moeny, he plays for his lunacy.
YES: because of him, there is a lot of financial elavation that will take place, which can create great impact in atleast few to many lives.

….. have i succeeded anything  in my life…..?
i dont, or i cant recollect, or whatever…..

This post is in reference to a post: here

PS: Success or (Suck+Excess = Success ?) 😀  (Pun intended)


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