Mother Ffuncking Country

I get pissed off when people talk about patriotism. I hate my country more than that I hate being a human being itself, so this should sooth the reader reading my claim.

I cant understand why and how the Road construction engineers can lay such a dangerous layout, there are many government officials , no fker check the road safty, its not the fucking road safty but I am trying to state the government doesn’t care the shit about me.

I screw my fuckign life paying tax and this the fuck I get back from this country to who I am expected to be a loyal and patriotic citizen.

My fellow fuckign brothers and sisters of my country, I have no fucking clue why and how many times you have made an attempt to kill me. You always attempted in my least of imaginations.

But I am fuckign lucky that I always escaped the trap. Glad that I am writing this fuck about you, hope to continue further.

Such ruthless attempts I am shocked and disturbed all day. At times you come as a road divider, or open manhole or a not visible speedbreaker, or the focus lights that blacks my vision for near to many seconds.

Every time I pass by a lorry or a bus at night, I feel … dam fucking thing … I am still alive… and I escaped.

Like this how many should I complain about this fucking country and the country men.

I not quite surprised about the people may be bouncing the quote on me “ do ask what your country did for you, see what I can do for the country “

I say to all those…. Fuck you ! Fuck your Slogan ! fuck your country !

Fuck all the Fuckign Humans !


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