The sons who gave a good fuck to their father !

Today i came across a new incident,

This is story of a man, how lived all his life for the wellbeingness of his family. he grew old screwing his balls to save all the riches to his sons, i think this old fucker had lot of trust in his love and up bringing that they will take care of in the need which i think beyond asking as a father, the fucking son’s should have that thought at least based on humanitarian terms. but anyways……

Now this old fucker has given the property to his two sons an equal share and left for him 2 fucking lakh of rupees. now the bed ridden fucker who gave birth to two fucking sons have now begun to fight among themses about who are the worthy of the complete property but not the share of it. they dont stop they, they went across to the court – the fucking law – to fuck each other.

mean while the fucking old man is masterbating alone, since his fucking wife was fucking lucky to konk of fucking soon. now that this fucker was masterbating not even having food.

the great fucking sons by now, had their fucking eyes on the 2 lakh that old fucker has, and by know you fucker know what i am going to say, yes, they fucking ripped that off from him.

now that the fight is going on, the fucking old man is now being fed by the fucking neighbors out of fucking sympathy. but the fucking old man cummed to death.

now the fucking media waiting all this time i guess to realize that the fucking story has now come to the right maturity to be well marketed and dramatised to it fucking audiance to hump there TRP to the new orgasmic heights.

well we all drooled all over and fucking saw. how well the sympathatic cum was all over my screen. and fucking people talking about it.

the fucking things that cant get into my fucking nut brain is that.

the law says that.

a person, be it a father can write the property to their fuckign sons, this is not reversible.

if the fuckign father konks off without doing this, it anyways goes to their fucking children.

i cant understand why the fuck the law cant support to fuckign old man, to reverse the property that he gave to the sons.

fuckign stupid humans. and their fucking ways of living.

mother fuckers.

Anyways…. the old fucker deserves all the fuck , and i wish him more that, he was the fuckign proud father, who gave scum to these kind of sons.

because of the fucking people around me, i feel the fucking heat.

fuck that cunt hard of that mother….

fuck all the mothers of the plant….. and the fucking fathers….. who created such a scum bag on this fucking plant.

i hope to see all the fuck go down.


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