If you are still wondering what variable pay means….

A friend Forward me this video

Variable Salary

And my reply to it is:

Nice and Sad, I hate any of these deceptions, I empathise to that monkey, who is trying so hard and honestly beliving at its best of the intention that banana is right infront of you, It might be the genious of humans, or god for us (any relative superior )……. You put all the trust and faith in the attempt and you return back home doubting your attempts the knowledge you have and the reality you lived so far … just seem like FALSE !

I think this is Variable Life !

You finally don’t get anything out of it !

And my Replied:
see nana

this was meant to be taken on a lighter note
and i think u desperately need a bottle of vodka to cool u down !!!

happy drinking 😀


And i Replied back:

I wish I had the guts to take a bottle of poison rather vodka, since “Tommorow” is a bye bye.   I regret enough to pity on me about WTF am I doing here…. But not enough for the curtain call !

Happy Living !


Helpless Living !

Wah Wah !

Song: Sade – Morning bird

How could you
You are the river
Pour out of this life
How could you
You are the morning bird
Who sang me into life every day
Fly away
You are the blood of me
The harvest of my dreams
There’s nowhere I can find peace
And the silence won’t cease
Nothing’s quite how it seems
The ghost of my joy
Won’t let me be
If you set me free I will not run
I will not run
I will not run


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