The Mango Man Value

Yesterday in hyderabad a terrorist killed a police officer. that night there was agressive checks everywehre , it felt good to see how they became alert and how serious they took the situation.

but my fuking mind had a split, I asked my self ” if i die in a road accident, will there be any serious movements like this ?”

the answer is very evident … no fucking way….. why? because i am a fucking mango man (aam admi = common man).

I see new reports showing flash news such as : lorry hit a Auto 10 people spot dead, they even go ahead and show the mutilated  corpse and all the blood shed and argish incident spot. but why there is no action taken in that location by the consern authoroties to understand why the accident happened and what measures did they take to avoid it.

Isn’t my government as serious as this terrorist to us?

Everyday on my way to work, i see so many hoples drivers creating so many death traps to me, arent these fellow citizens a serious threat to me ?

I wonder what rage does the nature has upon the humans who big terrorist to this planet.

fuck humans !

Fuck All !


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