Gosay theory of Identity rendering

did u understand the theory of relativity?? if u dint u wont understand me by reading this column. even if u understood it. chances of the same repeating here are so very obscure. nevertheless.. a sample..

1) the one iam ..

2) the one others think iam

3) the one i really am…

A Writeup by a user was as above:

I would love to start this with “Who watches the watchman”. (Recite out loud in series of 3–>1–>2 there will be a point where you will loose sanity of the whole stuff)

If assuming that “I” is a relative definition, then point “I” can be defined or interpreted by “Infinite” number of perspectives.

Hence “I” never exists.

Take 2: there is nothing called as “real” am, this reminds of “Real love vs Love” there is only love and no real love.

Take 3: Image an empty room with a single light/bulb, each side of the wall is a colored in 4 different distinctive colors, now place some objects, a chair, a bed, a carpet, a plant.

Now the moment the light is switched on.

the wall is visible (say in color-red) because it absorbs all the colors but except Red, this light rays when converge to the retina, you are able to perceive the color red.

now image the that the light source in that room is changed to red light, now you will perceive the wall color in a different red.

now change the light source to green, you shall see the wall color in a different gradient of red.

hence the same identity varies in different colored lights .

( it reminds me of an old post i wrote, what’s the pizza really like? good or bad? when 5 people share the same pizza and give different opinion about the pizza, what is the pizza ever like? 🙂 i think it was just like pizza and not good or bad pizza at all)

well coming back to the hypothesis, now the human mind knows the light source, and the object perceived will be based on the light source and its  impact on the objects.

now the clever eyes process the garbage of puked out colors of the source light.

hence the same person with a single perspective or thought, can react to different gradients of a static light, now the same gradients of light when shed from the infinite number of coordinates will result in the infinite number of outcomes of the perceiving the wall red.

nevertheless the wall most likely falls under greater part of red, hence people do have an identity or property, but if they want to complicate it, then they can, but if they want to be like their smart brains, they can relate to it by saying i am Red.

i think this is the beauty of being a human.

the brain doesn’t stress us, with infinite information. it gives the output simple as says red.

being complicated is a kind of sad thing, they are deviating from the property of being human.

Ignorance is truly a bliss.


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