what to do ?

What would you do? If you can’t do.. What you are born to..

No one is born to do anything, people are born to live and matter of time die, It is just to gratify once ego that they are incarnated for a “Purpose” or born with some destiny people pass on their time till death.

What would you think, the animal are made for? what would you think the nature was made for?

All for serving to let the humans serve the purpose?

Take 2:

Look at population overload.

Look at drought.

Look at Poverty.

Look at Global Warming.

Look at Violence & Terror.

Look at diseases.

Look at the technology enslaving the humans.

All these are happening for a purpose?

Then well…. here is my take then, i will kill the purpose, the creator of the purpose.

Fuck humans! Kill all humans.

  1. Sarada Srinivas said:

    Then you are born for a purpose to kill all the humans ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gosay said:

    May be not this lifetime ๐Ÿ˜€ or may be yes, but if at all there possible i will try the next time….. but i will see to it, no one is left over in some point of time.

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