Inside Story of my Wallpaper – On the Moove

First, Title of the image: On the Move : that i mean like is always on the move.
given some situation, there are so many options and perspective share by people
or we are left with the options to pick , which is symbolized with the different types of cubes,
when picked, each cube has its own “Math” that is its own story that it can offer you,

but then it almost get nearly imposible to go for the “Right” or “good” cube/path.
Like so many voices in our Heads, are so many cubes, but it take a lot of guts to choose one of these and live with it.

this is comes the stage of the Walker walking away from one of cell of a Cube,

different axis and numerics on the cube denotes the math, that does in the mind to conclude on the “Decision”.

So now comes the caption, Its all right if you pick up the worng one or right one, dont worry that the you are bad ridden now, or dont be too happy that good stuck you, because no matter what you choose, and what your are going through, nothing will last for ever.
this is how time works, this is how life works, and so forth the nature.

Keep Marching



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