Singular consciousness and Social consciousness.

Firstly it’s fascinating to understand the concept of fractals. How a single pattern when populated in different rhythms can create new structures.


I guess the statisticians do something close to this with there sample data sets and then project the inferences to the wider audiences.

Recently there was a finding that by the scientists that they could identify the cells that are responsible for regulating oxygen flow in the human body.

I would love to perform some fractal tests on this cell to see how this could be similar to the lungs. I am guessing we might not be surprised to see a lung populated using this study.

If assumed that the singular cell of a lung has an role/objective, but the roles or attributes that we assign to the organ vary in many ways. This explains the diversity of singular and social consciousness.

In Astrology the model that were used for individual may not work for social, however the social is a single unit, but result may vary.

Hence the Model could be different for cast mundane predictions.

I also believe to reverse engineer the brain; the fractal study might give some interesting insights on how the nature creates from a unit cell to different complex shapes and structures.


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