QA: Wisdom of Fallon.

Few of my comments to the phrases:

Conceal your weaknesses, advertise your strengths.
>> Reveal all the secrets,and now you are vulnerable, your enemy will attack exactly there, and now if you close the doors there, i am sure you will have grown leaps and bounce already. and winning then becomes a bonus.
After-all how long can we judge the opponent, that they will not know your weakness.

Regardless of who does the actual work — find a way to take the glory

> AS long as one knows how to make a good crafted act, that know one will ever know that this was stolen, the best thing is to remix stuff, since it makes quite difficult to the obvious once too.

Use your enemies’ weaknesses against them
>> i would also try, in the name of good, and all acts of good, can kill when over done, watch the movie se7en

Your reputation is like a virgin — once violated it can never be restored
>> From an illusionist point of view, he will discard it straight away.

The people on the front line are closest to the problem — listen to their wisdom and then make their solutions your own
>> this is a what i am talking about, remix this to your needs so that it looks like you thought one step ahead from them ;P

The mob likes a show — give them one as often as you can
>> you win the people, you bought your freedom – gladiator.

Promise nothing
>> but make sure you remain to be promising.

Scorn that which is out of reach, do not envy it
>> every emotion has its own driving potential, once know the craft, you will know how to play with it.

Be merciful when it doesn’t matter — ruthless when it does
>> Be Dumb when it doesn’t matter, smart when it does.

Owe no man a favor
>> Sorry, I suggest to over give than what is expected. Its not law of some religious nature, but remember Good is always profitable than the bad, no matter which end of the transaction it is. Hence always hit the win-win, the path goes smooooooth.

Eventually, every leader must make the final decision
>> Eventually, you must take a decision. feel the fear and do it anyways… Keep Going !

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