New Year greetings – 2011

Greetings not for the weak hearts:

1. May the fucking spitters of india get mouth cancer and die.

2. May all the drunk and drivers die.

3. May all those arrogant and rash drivers on the road die.

4. May the drivers who use Fog lights when there is no need for it die.

5. May the people who dont took bribe in laying the roads die.

6. May the people who layed the speedbreakers with no visibilty dies.

7. May the terrosit be able to kill only the corrputed politicians.

8. May there be a political recession.

9. May the scammers and cheaters die.

10. may the people who treat others like a shit die.

11. may the people who take the common man for granted die.

12. may the people who dont value the resources on the planet die.

13. may the people on this earth never sad that he is poor.

14. May the people who gave birth to the children and left to the streets die.

15. may the child molesters, harrasers, men/women who treat the other as a shit, die.

16. May the government officials who grant illegal grants, die.

17. May the people who under pay their workers die.

18. Will Add some more…..

with these people got rid of my country, i am sure i will have a great year, and i wish you all the same.

Your Misanthrope.

  1. Vardhan said:

    brother, as part of the misanthrope society i second every statement and im proud of u homie.

  2. Gosay said:

    Cheers Bro !

  3. itzprobablyme said:

    hahahahaaha…wtf is wrong with you guys….


  4. Gosay said:

    @ Jogi, how did you get hold of this post? 😀 7 months after posting it !

  5. itzprobablyme said:

    hahahaha…i am everywhere man….antaryami is the word….

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