Buying Guide for Android phone 2012

Sites to find deals:

Site 1: – click here this is one place where you can get more deals across the other sites.

Site 2: Deals on ebay:

Site 3: Deals on Sulekha:

Items to look out for when getting an Android Phone:

  1. Screen size(inches) & Screen density (PPI) = this will give you an overview of the screen quality
  2. Screen type: Gorilla screen, which means scratch proof is a must or best.
  3. Screen technology: I am not very good at this, but I think Super-Amoled is supposed to be good, and I think only Samsung device use this, and Sony uses Bravia- LED/LCD… but it’s a tricky area. Hence i resort to PPI and batter impact. Since battery will a lot of power to keep the screens live.
  4. Processor: Single Core vs Dual core: Safe side try opt for dual core: 1GH and above is a good deal
  5. RAM: Minimum 512MB, but best to have 1GB – Since ICS (android 4.0) is still little slow on 1GH processor and 1GBRAM.
  6. Camera: Anything above 5MP is good, I would suggest get 8MP
  7. HDPI output: if you want to connect your mobile to TV and work from TV only then you would need it.
  8. Battery: anything above 1650mah is good
  9. OEM preference: Few will have preference to specific OEM and their UI, ex – many like Sense UI of HTC compared to the rest.
  10. Video calling: Not quite required, but upto you.
  11. Front camera: Girls will love to use this as a mirror, but otherwise it is intended for video calling.
  12. NFC: I love to have this on my device, to make sure the device hardware is keeping to the trends.
  13. OS: Android will continue to release latest versions, and they are all free updates. Hence to take advantage of this make sure your device is upgradable. Check if the device you plan to buy has a OEM update roadmap for ICS scheduled.
    1. Motorola:

How to test a device:

  1. There are some standard benchmarks done on a device to evaluate its profile: is a list of score of each device running different operating systems and their score. This will give an idea on where you device score rank stands compared to other.
    1. This information is helpful when you have two device to choose, and use these values to make a decision.
    2. GSMAreana has comparison tools, so do check the device offerings.

Happy buying and if I missed some good site, please let know.


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