Astrological predictions: Telangana division will not take place

Charts Used:

  1. AP Chart: Nov 1st, 1956, 12:01AM, Hyderabad.
  2. Prasna: August 4th, 2013.  1:42PM, Hyderabad
  3. India:  Aug 15, 1947, 00.01AM, Delhi

Telangana division will not take place. Following are the astrological justification behind it.

  1. The agitation will yield good mileage in this period, due to Rahu transit on the third lord.
  2. However since saturn is transiting the fourth hose, fourth lord and third lord, the division will not take place.
  3. Jupiter aspect on the third lord, which has saturn also in the same house is a tough fight but the division will not take place.
  4. Saturns transit to Libra is very bad for Dasha and bhukthi lord right now, this tough of war will continue to take place until end of this transit.
  5. Jupiter 9th aspect on the Mars (third lord) is not going to let the division happen.
  6. With majority of the planets in the 9th house, things will postpone.
  7. Eruption of the agitation will happen in the following period: 2013-sep-13 to 2013-sep-16. However nothing to worry.
  8. From Indian chart there are symptoms for agitation.
  9. D3 & D2 chart of India is indicating symptoms.


  1. Lagna lord in 8th house and 3rd lord in the 12th assures that the division will not take place.
  2. The same where from chandra lagna (AP) where langa lord with small malefic but well poised, and third lord in second house give relative dominance to the Lagna (Telangana).
  3. Hence the prasna confirms that division is not going to happen

Major events within a family should be strongly visible from other charts as well. Hence Indian chart was considered to check for the prominence of the event.

I dedicate this predictions to my Sir, Shri K.B. Gopalakrishna. This probably my first mundane astrology prediction in public.

  1. MS Vasu said:

    All astrolegers are predicting Telangana formation. However your good selves is telling ther other way. Why & Where is the difference? How can you strongly believe that Telangana will not form, as Congrss has already moving very fast to divide the state before elections. Can you through some light on this issue to understand easiliy.

  2. Gosay said:

    Hi Vasu,

    Based on the charts that were evaluated the findings were as documented. The reasons for agitations is due to Saturn and Rahu conjunction. Im yet to post another article soon as a extension of this post.
    Im not sure about the astrologers ways of looking into chart and will not comment on it. However it is obvious to draw parallel like our medical domain where you go to doctor 1 and doctor 2 having similarities in the diagnosis, but true in Astrology.
    As learned from my teacher, i will try to read the charts and not based on the happenings about the subject. this way i try to give the best readings from the book and not personalize it.
    hope it clarifies.

    Thank you

  3. Sai said:

    In view of recent events, Any update on your telangana prediction?

  4. Gosay said:

    Hi Sai, Predictions are based on charts analysis and not by guess on the trends or data, that case it would be a statistical analysis and not a Astrological analysis.
    Im an amateur in this subject and still think that the predictions provided will hold true. I think it will take a long time to materialize.

    Thank you

  5. Manohar said:

    Whatever be the case, if AP remain is united. It is good. Siva is the Ultimate Head of the planets. Siva does not want division. The grievances of Telengana can be redressed by the Centre by money grants. All major projects should be diverted to Telengana at least for 10 to 15 years ignoring Seemandra region. In this way, I think there will be a great possibility of AP remaining united.

  6. Dear Gosai., It is very nice that u could write this prediction. I know a little abut astrology., but from my understanding of astrology and materialisation of prediction., any person’s amateur predicitons generally come true b’cos of the inherent innocence and purity associated with it apart from his spiritual sadhana.It is possible u may be proved correct even if all astrologers say otherwise.I wish it be so., and wish u all the best….:)

  7. Rajesh Rao said:

    You need to stop practicing astrology moron, you do not even have basic astrology skills. Looks like you are here to just make some money by fooling people in the name of astrology.

  8. Gosay said:

    Easy bro!

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