How to Judge A Horoscope – Karakamsa Lagna & others

How to calculate Karakamsa Lagna?

  1. Check the highest degree of a planet excluding Rahu and Kethu
  2. Once identified the planet, then open Navamsa chart to see where it is poised.
  3. The sign identified in the Navamsa chart will be used in Rasi to fix the Karakamsa Lagna

so in order to generate more lagna similar to Karakamsa lagna, we will change the “karka” and create new lagnas. Following are the available :

  1.     Atmakaraka (Own self, considered the strongest planet)
  2.     Amatyakaraka (Career)
  3.     Bhratrukaraka (Brothers and sisters)
  4.     Matrukaraka (Mother)
  5.     Putrakaraka (Children)
  6.     Gnatikaraka (Cousins and relations)
  7.     Darakaraka (Husband, wife)

Now among these we shall prioritize the list based on the phase of life. Every phase of life will have few key aspects, in a phase there will be education, family, wife, children, career ..etc.  Irrespective to any phase Karakamsa (atmakaraka) will be there. For education, Matrukaraka can be used, Post graduation career and wife can be crucial goals of life.

Once the lagnas are selected, then evaluation of the chart from these lagnas will be done.

– An ode to K.B. Gopalakrishnan {}


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