How to Judge A Horoscope – Trinies as lagnas

In order to read a horoscope we shall use the following Lagnas.  The sign which has the first lord, fifth lord and ninth lord will be made as lagnas to read the horoscope of the user.

The rational behind this. 1st lords nuclei comprises of Brahma and Sarswarthi and 5th lord comprises of Laksmi and Vishnu and 9th lord comprises of Shiva and Parvathi.

From the school of astrology i graduated, we have been pretty good and satisfied with evaluating the chart from Lagna, Chandra and Karakamsa Lagna, But i some home i might differ reading from Chandra lagna. The reason being, a lagna is a unique aspect and moon stays in a given sign upto two days, hence i believe that the reading will get more diluted if used.

Coming to Karakamsa Lagna, Since its derived from the dominant planet and linked with Navamsa I think this could be given a serious thought.

Have i tested the technique for its consistency across other charts? Not yet.

– An ode to K.B. Gopalakrishnan


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