How to Judge A Horoscope – Using Trines From a Lord

Step1: Identify where the say 10th Lord is in your horoscope
Step 2: From its(lords) position, Check how the first, fifth and ninth lords are placed. if they are well positioned then it means 10th lord will do well.
Step 3: Likewise do it for all the bhavas.

Importance of 1, 5, 9 – trikonas

1 House: Getting perspectives right,
5th House: Willing to learn as an when things change, Agility, Adoption
9th house: Vision to go forward, Direction, Adaption.

Assumption cum Inspirations:
1. A horoscope whose 1, 5, 9th lords are strong, and the rest are not good, it doesn’t matter to those since they will know how to come out of any situations.
2. More the planets reside in 1, 5, 9. the better the horoscope is. (Snapshot technique)
3. 1 – Brahma, 5-Vishnu and 9 – Shiva. 4-Saraswathi 10-Lakshmi  7-Parvathi

– An ode to K.B. Gopalakrishnan {}


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