Horoscope of WWW

Based on the reference from this source: http://www.w3.org/People/Berners-Lee/1991/08/art-6484.txt the horoscope for the WWW be concluded as  “6 Aug 1991, 14:56:20 GMT, Geneva 23, Switzerland”

  1. Dot Com bubble (1997 – 2000) Saturn transiting Pisces, Airies is very good.
  2. Kethu trasiting the natal Saturn created havoc in Music world, Napster was born and got sued int he same time line. Napster recovered when Saturn transited from 3rd lord in 5th house. Which is a great milestone.
  3. Dot come bubble downturn in 2000 – 2001, was due to the rahu kethu transit on the 2nd and 10th lord. This is a financial blow.
  4. By 1998 when saturn was transiting from 9th house from Jupiter, google was coming to form. It later emerged official on September 7 1998. This would be the 9th house transit for the first lord.

Will continue to the post later…

– An ode to K.B. Gopalakrishnan {www.sathyaprema.com}


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