Namology & Numerology: Nama Nakshatra – English Alphabets

Below is a chart that is not test thoroughly.
Hypothesis: When a child is born, use 1 , 5, 9 Lords. The lordship can be seen from as many lagnas as possible, also consider each planet position as lagna as well. Within these lords prioritise the lord (among 1, 5, 9) based on the Nakshatra type. the type of the Nakshatra is based on the Friends/Foe/Neutral.
Once the strongest lord is identified, then choose the Sanskrit name or the English name to construct the name.

I would suggest to try the Sanskrit syllable and not the English.

Below Table as an attachment can be downloaded on clicking on this link “Namology Numerology Nama Nakshatra English Alphabets.XLSX”

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Kethu
Krittika Rohini Mrigasira Aslesha P.Vasu Bhairini Pushya Ardra Ashwini
U. Phalguni Hasta Chitra Jyestha Visakha P.Phalguni Anuradha Swati Magha
U.Asadha Shravana Dhanista Revati P.Bhadra P.Asadha U.Bhadra Satabisa Moola
अ A ओ O वे Ve/Be डी Di के Ke ली Li हु Hu कु Ku चु Chu
ई I वा Va/Ba वो Vo/Bo डू Du को Ko लू Lu हे He घ Gha चे Che
उ U वी Vi/Bi का Ka डे De हा Ha ले Le हो Ho ङ Ng/Na चो Cho
ए E वु Vu/Bu की Ke डो Do ही Hi लो Lo ड Da छ Chha ला La
टे Te पू Pu पे Pe नो No ती Ti नो Mo ना Na रू Ru मा Ma
टो To ष Sha पो Po या Ya तू Tu टा Ta नी Ni रे Re मी Mi
पा Pa ण Na रा Ra यी Yi ते Te टी Ti नू Nu रो Ro मू Mu
पी Pi ठ Tha री Ri यू Yu तो To टू Tu ने Ne ता Ta मे Me
भे Bhe खी Ju/Khi गा Ga दे De से Se भू Bhu दू Du गो Go ये Ye
भो Bho खू Je/Khu गी Gi दो Do सो So धा Dha थ Tha सा Sa यो Yo
जा Ja खे Jo/Khe गु Gu च Cha दा Da फा Bha/Pha झ Jha सी Si भा Bha
जी Ji खो Gha/Kho गे Ge ची Chi दी Di ढा Dha ञ Da/Tra सू Su भी Bhi
A B C D E F G    
H I J K L M N    
O P Q R S T U    
X Y Z            

– An ode to K.B. Gopalakrishnan {}

  1. sreedevi said:

    My name is sreedevi dob is 20-08-1986 at 12 am is dis name is good or i want to change.

  2. Gosay said:

    Place of birth required, also with 12AM is it 21st? or 20th?

  3. n murugesan said:

    my name is n.murugesan my dob 01-10-1973 tob 07.25 am pob kattuputtur near namakkal whether name suits me are it has to be changed

  4. i balaji said:

    07/08/2015 friday morning am 2 gantala 05 nimisalu ammayi puttindi. bharani nakshatram 1 padam.

  5. Gosay said:

    Venus is the lord of the below stars, hence please try below alphabets. For more assistance please use the service i highly recommend :

    ली Li
    लू Lu
    ले Le
    लो Lo
    नो Mo
    टा Ta
    टी Ti
    टू Tu
    भू Bhu
    धा Dha
    फा Bha/Pha
    ढा Dha

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