How to judge a horoscope – How to identify actual Raja yoga planets

From different lagnas we shall try to evaluate who is the first, fifth and ninth lords. These 1, 5, 9 lords are the Raja yoga planets. If they are well poised or not is another aspect.

Below same calculation can be found as attachment “Sandeep_Strongest_Planet_Calculator.xlsx”

Below is how to capture the data:

1 5 9 10
Sun Venus Mercury Saturn Saturn
Moon Moon Mars Jupiter Mars
Mars Mercury Saturn Venus Mercury
Mercury Venus Mercury Saturn Saturn
Jupiter Venus Saturn Mercury Moon
Venus Mars Sun Jupiter Saturn
Saturn Mercury Saturn Venus Mercury
KL Moon Mars Jupiter Mars
Asc Saturn Venus Mercury Venus

Below is count of how many times a planet occurs:

Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Count of 1,5,9 1 2 3 6 3 6 6
Count of 10 0 1 2 2 0 1 3

– An ode to K.B. Gopalakrishnan {}


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