Oath taking of Delhi CM – Arvind Kejriwal – Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) [2013] – Chart

Chart used: 28 Dec 2013, 12.01PM, Delhi.

Key highlights

Sun the 6th Lord and Mercury 4th & 7th Lord are in Graha yudha. AAP hesitated to form government as a minority party and with this kind of combination its great possibility that their night mares will come true.

This graha yudha happening in 10th house, and aspect of the first lord will bring lot of internal conflicts and running the government with congress will be extremely strenuous.

As per their Manifesto: https://app.box.com/s/k6zzgdgv0tepbzkfo3bd

Water – will back fire. due to 4th lord in graha yudha.

Electricity – might fare average. second house having kethu will not let him reach to the expectations.

Sanitation and waste management: Since the 12th lord is in 8th house. this also might not favour well.

Women’s Security: since 6th lord and 7th lord and 4th lord are weekly positioned, safety of women will not show any progress but only decline.

Education: 5th lord in 8th house and 12th lord and 11th lord aspects the 5th house, will not favour as well. This will cost them expensive.

with Rahu in 8th house might attract lot of death and scams involving forign nationals.

Areas they will do well:

  1. Transport
  2. Other economic issues.

Areas they will not do well:

  1. Social Justice
  2. Environment
  3. Slums

Areas they will do average:

  1. Inflation and unemployment

Based on Dasa Bhukthi

  1. Rahu/Venus – Will survive
  2. Rahu/Sun – Will be tough, the government might dissolve.

– An ode to K.B. Gopalakrishnan {www.sathyaprema.com}


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