Quantifying Karma – Gamifying Astrology

Once a person is born a dasa bhukthi kick starts, The ratio between the Dasa bhukthi is 50:50 respectively. For easy understanding lets take each dasa bhukthi as 10 points, where 5 points are

If the dasa is good, then it can contribute a maximum score of 5 and a negative score of max -5, like wise a bhukthi gives Max rage from [-5 to 5].

If a Dasa or Bhukthi is good, then a positive scoring is given and negative scoring in the bad time. -5 is worst, 5 is the best.

Say a person who is born in 1980 is now (2014) 34 years, this person must be running a Dasa bhukthi, now replace all the dasa bhukthi with their score, and see how much is the total score for this dasa bhukthi. This will give you the picture even though a person is undergoing a good dasa bhukthi his score could have been in such a poor state that he might really see great difference.

– An ode to K.B. Gopalakrishnan {www.sathyaprema.com}


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