How to Judge Horoscope – Transit in Odd and Even signs

To check transit technique, you must have your natal chart on one side and the planetary position on the other side.

Now we shall consider the planets and timing of events with this scale Saturn for 2.5 Yrs, Jupiter for 1.5 Yrs, sun – 1 Month, Moon – 2 Days.

Open the natal chart and check where the first lord is (say its in Virgo). Later check for current Saturn position (at the time of writing this post the Saturn is in Libra).

So it can be said that Saturn is transiting in the 2nd house from the 1st lord.

Now is it good or bad?

All even signs are Bad.

All odd signs are Good.

That means all the bhavas related to 1st lord is undergoing a bad transit.

Why this technique might work? What’s the rational between the classification of the good and bad transits?

Now the 7th house or the opposite house of 6th house is 12th house. now let’s continue to right these pairs in this style, what’s the opposite of 8th house? its 7th. Now what next? 🙂

We know that 1, 5, 9 are very good. Hence its opposites should also be good. Hence you will come up with the pairs of (1, 7), (5, 11), ( 3, 9).

Now re order all these collections, to see how the above technique is derived.

– An ode to K.B. Gopalakrishnan {}


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