How to Make a Magic Square Yantra – With you data of birth – 4×4 Matrix

Some interesting articles that i would love to share around this topic

Katapayadi system

Here you will get an primer on Alphabets (Vowels and Consonants)  to a equivalent number and how hidden dates, patterns are encoded in slokas.

Example of an interesting article Car number of 7242, was encoded as Ravi-Ratham:

The same author was kind enough to share another interesting article on how Magic squares and Katapayadi System intersect with the following sloka:

नाकनाथ नदीनीरे
मानाङ्गिनि घनस्तनि
इष्टार्धे एकशून्ये
गजपादक्रमात् लिखेत्
the article also enriches us on how we can create any magic square of sum result of any number.
Now since we entered into the territory of Magic squares, i found this article motivated to create my own magic square.
If you liked the video, and want to create your own magic number then, feel free to download the spread sheet and create yours as well.
So the numbers when written in this format, then you end up getting a magic square for a 4×4 matrix.
Hence When a persons date of birth is 27 May 1982: then it should be written as follows: A(DD): 27 B(MM):05 C(YY1):19 D(YY2):82
Then the total sum of any row, column, diagonal will have the same number (For the above example: Sum = 133).
27 5 19 82
82 19 5 27
5 27 82 19
19 82 27 5
Download Link: DOB_MagicSQUAREed.XLS
I think next good article which is very illustrated on how to create your own Magic square for a 3×3 can be found here:
I will either update this post, or continue to post my findings in further posts.

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