Astrology remedies based on Tarabalam

Please find below a very famous temple near my native place:

this temple is located in east godavari area of Andhra Pradesh. Its very famous for manifesting peoples prayers, specially for marriage. This temple is known for its track record and im not sure if the temple also help karya siddhi for other types, which they claim. Below are the list of poojas that can be performed.

  1. Vivaham (Marriage)
  2. Nootana Gruham (New House)
  3. Udyogam (Job)
  4. Santhanam (children)
  5. Runa Vimochana (Debts Clearing)
  6. Aarogyam (Health)
  7. Ishwaryam (Money)
  8. Vyapara Abhivrudhi (Business Growth)
  9. Vyavasaya Abhivrudhi (Agricultural Growth)
  10. Vidya (Education)
  11. Udyoga Abhivrudhi (Promotions)
  12. Prajadharana (Popularity)
  13. Anyonya Dampatyam (Better Family
  14. Manassanthi (Peace)
This is the only Shiva temple, where marriage is performed and round the clock, all days of an year.

So to book a pooja slot, they will ask for our horoscope or janma nakshatra and purpose of the pooja.
so they rely on the tarabalam strength between their birth star and probable date in a month, they then pick most suitable dates of a month. which you see in the site.

Temple suggests as follows:

  1. Sadhana tara: Vidhya, Udyogam, Kalyanam
  2. Sampath Tara: Ishvaryam
  3. Kshema Tara: Kutumbam, Arogyam
  4. Mitra Tara: Sakyatha
  5. Paramitra Tara: Anyonya Dampatyam (Better Family)

for your star say “Jyesta” in the month of September, following are the suitable days for their respective samkalpa:

September Vivaham (Marriage) 6, 16, 25,  Nootana Gruham (New House) 6, 16, 25,  Udyogam (Job) 6, 16, 25,  Santhanam (children) 6, 16, 25,  Runa Vimochana (Debts Clearing) 6, 16, 25,  Aarogyam (Health) 4, 13, 23,  Ishwaryam (Money) 2, 11, 21, 29, Vyapara Abhivrudhi (Business Growth) 2, 11, 21, 29, Vyavasaya Abhivrudhi (Agricultural Growth) 2, 11, 21, 29, Vidya (Education) 6, 16, 25,  Udyoga Abhivrudhi (Promotions) 6, 16, 25,  Prajadharana (Popularity) 6, 16, 25,  Anyonya Dampatyam (Better Family 9, 19,  Manassanthi (Peace) 6, 16, 25,

I was suggesting people to perform rituals in any temple known for Karya sidhi, by using the same format, and choosing a good lagna for that day for quicker manifestation.

Lazy or buzy bees can at least pay visit to the temples and do the appropriate samkalapa.


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