Oath chart analysis of KCR & Chandrababu Naidu 2014

nara_chandrababu_naidu_oath_KCR_chart_2014_June_hyderabad_guntur_analysis_predictionsBelow predictive techniques are majorly adopted from the book: Mundane Astrology: A Book for Astrologers
K. B. Gopalakrishnan http://books.google.co.in/books/about/Mundane_Astrology.html?id=O5ZWPgAACAAJ&redir_esc=y

General Comments:

Both the charts are good overall, KCR is likely to be in limelight early however CBN will be a slow starter just like the Oath ceremony dates. If i were to erect the Oath time for the same dates, then i would opt for Mithuna Lagna for KCR, and Simha lagna for CBN, to maximize their positives.

Both the charts are in great harmony with Indian chart, So all the promised amenities due to bifurcation will execute promptly. Though for CBN majority of the planets are in 8th house, many will not match the expectations of CBN but will all end in good eventually.

Key questions and areas to look for Predictions from analyzing the chart
Who is a better leader CBN will outshine KCR in all possible ways. Though KCR will give a tough competition to match CBN.CBN outshines for Jupiter and Mercury associations with Raja yogas, however Lagna has only single planet though with raja yoga is likely to be sober when compared to CBN who could be strategically and tactical.
First 100 days Both will do well in their first 100 days, however CBN will outshine KCR for having more deliverables in this time.
Finance of the state KCR will outshine CBN.
His communication style Both will exchange racial conversation.
Party internal affairs management Both will have similar patterns and will have issues managing internal affairs.
Decision capabilities, getting new policies approved CBN will have an upper hand compared to KCR.
Land and agricultural output CBN will outshine KCR.
Home department CBN will outshine KCR.
Mass media projection, Future plans for next tenure KCR has an upper hand over CBN. Lot of accidents and death of children will rise in AP.
Scams, debts and income ratio, health of the leaders, policing of state TG will have more debts than AP.
Foreign investments, Safety of women CBN will do well over KCR.
Longevity of government, natural calamities Both will complete their respective tenures successfully. Public overall in AP will feel happy sad, and their will also be lot of oppositions, resistance from different angles. TG will be more relaxed.
High command, Law and order, Religious activities, Party main leaders Both will fail miserably, I think I saw Modi oath chart is not that great. Relatively CBN will have better support than KCR, however support from central will be bad. Relations will hamper great way. There will be loss of life of key people in TG. Religious prosperity will decline quickly.
Government employees Issues will be there in both places. KCR will pay bigger price than CBN.
Last days of government, expenditures Its appears to be that KCR will comeback, and CBN will have struggle to convince.
Education Education in both places will be slow. Higher education in both states will do really bad. General education, will be excel in AP than TG. AP will open more doors in medical field. AP will outshine TG for investors, industrialist, Pharma, education.
Employment AP will outshine compared to TG.

– An ode to K.B. Gopalakrishnan {www.sathyaprema.com}

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